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How Can LINWEAR Smart Watches Help You To Lose Weight?

June 28, 2023

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Smart watches have made our lives easier, but not everyone knows how to make the most of these gadgets. For many of us, smart watches are simply fancy new watches that allow us to check messages or track our daily steps at most. However, smart watches can actually be an incredible tool to support your weight loss journey. Want to know how? Keep reading!


  • Set water alarm

As we all know, drinking a plenty of water is very helpful in weight loss. A simple water alarm can be set in your smart watch which would remind you every hour to have a glass of water. Health experts, nutritionist and doctors, all have emphasized on the importance of keeping the body hydrated.

Simply set a water alarm for every hour that you are awake, and 12~14 glasses a day is better.


  • Measure your sleep

Research has now confirmed that sleep is as crucial to weight loss as a good diet and exercise. Without effective sleep, your body would not be able to heal and work towards bringing back the balance. All of our LINWEAR smart watches have sleep monitors,including deep sleep, light sleep,REM,nap. Remember to wear them when you sleep. It will monitor your sleep automatically day and night, reflecting how your sleep situation is.

If you want to lose weight, 7~8 hours a day, and at least 2~3 hours of high quality deep sleep is very important.


  • Heart rate

You can check your heart beat according to the heart rate, and this is an effective message for weight loss. Experts suggest, a normal or recommended resting heart rate is 60~100. Exercise trainers have pointed out that your body starts burning extra calories when your heart beat over 110 beats per minute. And remember, when you do workout, at least keep it 15 minutes to make it more effective.


  • Sitting hours

LINWEAR smart watches can be your close friend, always by your side and reminding you.Doctors and researchers have pointed out that for every half hour of sitting, you must spend at least 5 to 7 minutes of the time standing. The simple alarm can remind you to get up and walk around a bit, stand and do the work or simply take a break from your screens.


  • Counting your steps

Lastly, counting your steps is also the basic function of LINWEAR smart watches. If 10,000 steps a day is not possible, set a lower target initially and monitor the same on your smart watch. Forcing yourself to move around, even if it to just match your daily target, is an excellent way to shift to a healthier and happier you!




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