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LW92 Classic and Modern Combinition

July 19, 2023

latest company news about LW92 Classic and Modern Combinition  0

latest company news about LW92 Classic and Modern Combinition  1

  • 1.32"TFT Screen, zinc alloy middle framedesign,small and clear, intelligent and chageable color
  • BT3.0+BLE5.2 on click connectionbluetooth call,sports data,messagereminder, weather synchronization
  • 3 menu styles:list,nine-square grid,simplestyle,choose as you like
  • Scientific sports data,monitoring of heart rateblood oxygen,noise,sleep,etc. Real time syncby app.


Linwear is an emerging wearable brand company which is experiencing rapid growth. We are dedicated to developing unique and cost-effective products for consumers worldwide. With a comprehensive scientific quality management system, Linwear offers a seamless customer experience, providing a one-stop solution from research and development to manufacturing, sales, and after-sales support to cater to various customer needs.


As a smart wearable companion, Linwear is actively exploring new applications for wearable technology and striving to promote a healthy and fashionable lifestyle. Our company culture is practical, innovation, integrity, and independent thinking. We prioritize the human aspect of technology, aiming to make the interaction between humans and machines more convenient and user-friendly. Linwear empowers individuals to showcase their passion and embrace a distinctive and healthy life through their smart wearable devices.

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